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Meet Our Top Five Local Suppliers

Part of what makes us who we are is the fantastic local businesses that supply us. Allow us to introduce you to a few of them:

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Juliette Fiszka
Leavenly Goods Bakery
Hongoro Design
Ivitza’s Sanctuary
Royan Immigration

Our Story

In the heart of our town, four generations ago, our story began. It was in 1921 when our great-grandfather opened the first doors of what would become not only a local business, but a piece of community heritage. With little more than a dream and a determined spirit, he set the foundation for what we are today.

Over the years, our business was passed down from parent to child, each generation infusing it with their unique touch, yet always retaining the essence of our great-grandfather's vision. We've weathered storms and celebrated triumphs, and through it all, our commitment to our community has been the unwavering constant.